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Client Configuration

We have collected a series of screenshots displaying how different Usenet clients are configured to connect to our news server.

See the screenshots

Policy & Rules

The news server is made public available under our USENET policy and a specific set of rules.

Read the Policy and Rules page for more details. USENET runs a Usenet newsserver with public access to local, danish, and some international newsgroups, and closed access to Aalborg University campus newsgroups. This guide explains how to access the newsserver, both for campus users and others. The server is provided in collaboration with Aalborg University, which have kindly paid for the server and the staff group is in charge of administration.


Status, news, and notices about the usenet newsserver can be found here


To be able to use the new usenet server (read and post articles) you must register!

Just send an empty email to: and we will email you a username (which is your email) and a password.

This username/password pair must be entered in your newsreader and then you will have access to read and post articles. Help to configure your newsreader can be found here.

Please notice:

Campus Users

As Aalborg University has sponsored the USENET News server, we offer extended access to the University users.

Campus users can access all the newsgroups, but your computer will have to be located on campus. To gain access from outside of campus, you must register as others, and if you are a campus user, you will be granted access to our campus-local groups. You will have to use your university email address to sign up to get access to the local groups.

Once you receive your username/password, you must enter this in your newsreader software.

Related to the introduction of the new newsserver and the recent name change from til, the campus-local newsgroups have been cleaned up and reorganized. Mapping between the old and new hieracy can be found here (campus users only).