IPv4 problems
Tuesday February 12th 2019
All dotsrc services were unavailable on IPv4 from around 2019-02-12 12:30 CET to around 16:00 CET. IPv6 traffic was unaffected.

The outage was caused by BGP hijacking of announced from an Iranian ISP.
Wednesday October 17th 2018
At dotsrc.org we just got our internet bandwidth doubled. Not because we needed the capacity, but we wanted the redundancy.
We now have two 10G uplinks. One to our ISP's (DeiC) router in Lyngby, and one to DeiC's router in Ørestad. Thanks to DeiC and AAU It Services for making this possible.
Dotsrc offline for 1 hour
Monday April 9th 2018
Due to some problems at our ISP (DeIC), all our services, except our IRC-server which is hosted elsewhere, was unfortunately offline about 1 hour from 2018-04-06 00:05:07 CEST until 2018-04-06 01:15:07.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Milestone reached: 100TB a week
Sunday January 14th 2018
The total amount of data we upload every week has just passed 100TB! On average this is more than 1.33Gbit/sec.
Traffic graph.

Our mirror service is the main contributer, which accounts for around 80TB.

The last 20TB is shared between our other services (OpenStreetMap, Tor and Usenet).
Dotsrc offline
Thursday September 28th 2017
Due to a damaged fiber between our ISP's (DeIC) POP at AAU and their router in Lyngby, all our services, except our IRC-server which is hosted elsewhere, was unfortunately offline from 2017-09-26 09:05:07 CEST until 2017-09-27 10:55:06.

The fiber got fixed around 17:00, but unfortunately our interface were in "errdisable" mode due to link-flap, and we had not enabled auto recovery. Lesson learned.

Furthermore within the not too distant future, we should have a second 10G link, which will give us redundancy in situations like this one.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Wednesday July 19th 2017
The dotsrc servers are now backed by a 10Gbit Internet connection, and on top of this, the mirror server (mirrors.dotsrc.org) has been upgraded to a vastly better server, equipped with a 10Gbit network card.

This big upgrade would not have been possible without our sponsors. Big thanks to:
DKUUG - for a big cash sponsorship.
DeIC - 10Gbit Internet connection.
Aalborg University - Sponsored their old Google Search Appliance server, along with two Cisco 3750X switches + 10Gbit modules.
Cisco - Sponsored two IP Services licenses for our 3750X switches, allowing us to peer with DeIC using BGP.
FOSDEM - Sponsored two HP 10GbE dual port network cards.
Two new services and new mirrors
Monday September 12th 2016
We now run a tile caching server for OpenStreetMap and are a part of their tile CDN. We are the primary server for tiles served to clients connecting from Denmark, so if OpenStreetMap feels 'snappier' (at least in Denmark) it is thanks to us.

We also set up a tor middle relay. This is a non-exit relay, so it only receives encrypted traffic and passes it along to another relay. Some stats are available here.

On our mirror server, we added a few new mirrors, including:
Linux Mint (and Packages)
BlackArch Linux
Fedora (and Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux)
Lineage OS
Kali Linux (and Packages)
Call for hardware sponsorship
Monday September 5th 2016
During the recent hardware upgrade, we used all our 4TB drives, so we call for sponsors of additional hard drives in order to keep running our services as optimally as possible. Specifically we need SATA 3.5" hard drives 4TB (or more) and preferably designed for 24/7 usage (e.g. the Western Digital SE/RE/Gold 4TB drive). Sponsoring either as funding or as hardware will of course add you to our list of proud sponsors. Contact staff@dotsrc.org.
Added https access to the mirror
Monday September 5th 2016
Thanks to Let's Encrypt providing free SSL certificates, our mirror service is now available using TLS at https://mirrors.dotsrc.org.
We also updated our Usenet signup system, so if you have any problems signing up, please send an email to staff@dotsrc.org.
Upgrade on mirrors.dotsrc.org
Saturday August 6th 2016
The server hosting mirrors.dotsrc.org has been upgraded with newer and faster hard drives. The software stack has also been updated, which includes a switch from using the Apache HTTP server to Nginx.
Online again
Monday April 28th 2014
Due to a damaged fibre between dotsrc and the DeIC POP about 100m away all our services, except our IRC-server which is hosted elsewhere, was unfortunately offline from 2014-04-26T19:52 until today at 15:56. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Sponsored equipment
Friday March 28th 2014
We have received some hardware that we will implement into our infrastructure:

Prevas has sponsored us with two 4 TB disks and Xena has sponsored us with four 4 TB disks, an IP KVM switch and a number of servers, which we will be using for virtualization, new backup server, firewalls and more.

We would like to thank Xena and Prevas for their support!
Hardware/Sponsor Request
Monday November 18th 2013
We need additional hard drives for some of our servers in order to keep running our services as optimally as possible. Specifically we need SATA 3.5" hard drives as large as possible and preferably designed for 24/7 usage. Sponsoring either as funding or as hardware will of course add you to our list of proud sponsors.
Stable connection again
Wednesday July 10th 2013
The issue at our ISP has been resolved and dotsrc has been running stable for the last six days.
Unstable connection
Tuesday July 2nd 2013
Our ISP (DeIC, formerly known as "Forskningsnettet") is working at resolving the issue. This is related to the issues we saw last week. Right now it means that we have a cycle of 1-2 hours downtime followed by 1-2 hours uptime :-/
news server up and running again
Tuesday July 2nd 2013
This morning we got news.dotsrc.org online again.
Further downtime and the news server
Friday June 28th 2013
For a few days we have had some unstability due to a faulty fibre connection at DeIC, however that whas resolved wednesday. But murphy is around. Our electrical installation failed thursday at 20:24 and dotsrc.org (except irc.dotsrc.org) was offline from then until friday at 13:30 where all services except news.dotsrc.org was brought online again.

news.dotsrc.org will be brought online again monday but is unfortunately unavailable until monday.

We are sorry for the poor uptime the past week and expect much better uptime in the time to come.
Dotsrc offline
Monday June 24th 2013
Due to an issue in the core of Danish E-infrastructure Cooperation (DeIC), formerly known as "Forskningsnet/Darenet" the services at dotsrc.org except irc.dotsrc.org which is hosted elsewhere, has unfortunately been offline from friday night until today this afternoon. The underlying problem has not been fully resolved yet, so some unstability may occur this evening. DeIC expects to have the issue resolved early Tuesday morning.

We are sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused our users.
Planned downtime
Sunday February 17th 2013
This evening we are moving some servers between two racks and installing some new hardware. This means that the mirror service will be offline for about 10 minutes.
Mirror server online again
Saturday February 16th 2013
The server was unfortunately down from 21:55 yesterday until 6:35 today. We apologize for any inconvenience.
New monitoring server
Tuesday November 27th 2012
Today we have set up a new external Icinga monitoring server which can inform us of downtime via e-mails and sms's. This should enable us to notice downtime much faster and hence improve the uptime of our services.
Back online
Thursday November 22nd 2012
We had some issues with our mirror server beginning yesterday evening and ending today at 14:30. We are in the process of setting up some better surveillance of our services than what we have today and apologize for any inconvenience.
New name servers
Sunday July 17th 2011
We changed name servers for our .dk domains a few days ago. In that transition we made an error, which was corrected again, but some users may experience problems reaching the services from dotsrc.org for a period of time because of negative caching. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Wednesday August 25th 2010
Our main switch broke down today, resulting in our services to be unavailable from 8:25 to 11:15. The switch has been replaced and all services are available again.
Back online
Monday June 28th 2010
We have moved away from a filesystem that was causing troubles, and are now back online and in sync on all primary mirror activities.
Mirror server
Thursday June 24th 2010
Our mirror server has been offline today since 14.16 due to problems wit our storage. We are rearranging our data and expect to be online again tomorrow. We have had several problems with downtime for the mirror the last few weeks and hope that we can this time can solve the problems with our storage.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

dk.archive.ubuntu.com has been redirected to archive.ubuntu.com until we are online again. Depending on how quick the Debian folks are something similar will go for ftp.dk.debian.org.

Update 2010-06-26T01:35: We are back online. Some mirrors are currently syncing, but most data is back. We will keep you posted.
Tuesday June 22nd 2010
Unfortunately mirrors.dotsrc.org has been down today from 20.53 until next morning 8.58. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Mirror server
Sunday June 20th 2010
The mirror server was down today from 19.25 to 21.29. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Usenet server
Sunday June 20th 2010
We have received reportings about large delays in usenet postings. We are looking into the issue.
Mirror server
Wednesday May 26th 2010
Due to a series of unfortunate events mirrors.dotsrc.org was unfortunately down today between 01:01 and 09:06. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Mirror server disk upgrade
Saturday March 20th 2010
We have upgraded our mirror server with additional disks. 6 x 2 TB in a raid10, giving us 6 TB more storage and more I/O performance. Thank you to our sponsor Cabo Communications for the disks and Per Mejdal for a disk controller for the disks.
Thursday March 11th 2010
We are glad to announce that we have introduced IPv6 in our network setup and on our mirror server mirrors.dotsrc.org.
Power distribution
Tuesday March 9th 2010
Today between 16:18 and 17:30 our services had smaller outages during the retirement of our APC UPS (thank you APC, it has served us well) and the installation of new PDU's in our racks. mirrors.dotsrc.org was down for 15 minutes from 17:18 to 17:33
New electrical installation
Monday February 22nd 2010
The server room were we are hosted is being renovated with a new electrical installation. In that process the power was cut of today which caused us to be offline today between 8.00 and 11.00.
Dotsrc network bandwidth limit achieved
Sunday February 21st 2010
Some time ago our network connection was upgraded to 1Gbps via a dedicated fibre to the Danish Research Network. However, not until Thursday this week did we manage to reach the bandwidth limit: Over the past couple of months our average output has been circa 300Mbps, but on the 18th we were pushing around 980Mbps for about 2.5 hours, adding up to an impressive amount of data. The reason for this extraordinary amount of traffic was mostly due to new releases from Mozilla.
Thursday December 10th 2009
The services at dotsrc.org was unfortunately unavailable today between 05:01 and 10:51 because of a problem at our ISP. We apologize for any inconvenience during the downtime.
New Firewall
Friday November 6th 2009
Per Mejdal has kindly sponsored us with a new firewall, which should now make it possible for us to fill our 1 Gbps pipe to the Internet. The old firewall is being used in a redundant setup with the new firewall.
We have also made some network changes this evening which, together with putting the new firewall into production, gave us some frequent outages throughout the evening.
Project hosting discontinued
Wednesday October 21st 2009
As of 2009-10-18 dotsrc.org has discontinued the hosting of projects. Since we started open source hosting more than 10 years ago, Sourceforge, Freshmeat, Launchpad and a bunch of others have emerged. Questions can be directed to staff@dotsrc.org

Please note that we will of course continue to run our open source mirror, usenet server, irc server, BitTorrent servers and so on. New services will emerge in the future.
Usenet server network changes
Saturday October 17th 2009
We have made some network changes for our Usenet server. This means that if you use "sunsite.dk" as server name in your config, you will have to change it news.dotsrc.org. If you use news.sunsite.dk your client will continue to work, but we encourage you to change it to news.dotsrc.org.
Firewall maintenance
Monday October 5th 2009
We have upgraded our firewall (both hardware and software). This gave us a downtime today between 18:57 and 20:14.
Mirror server
Wednesday September 23rd 2009
Our mirror server was unfortunately unavailable today between 15.20 and 16.09. We apologize for any inconvenience.
High load today
Thursday September 10th 2009
We have recently become a Mozilla mirror and have now experienced the high load this gives on our network during the release of Firefox 3.5.3. It seems our firewall can not push more than 380 Mbps (3x our avg. load), while our mirror-server would be happy to serve more. We expect to have solved this bottle neg before the next release of Firefox, and apologize if the speed on our mirrors are not super speedy today.
Power outage
Monday August 31st 2009
We just had our third power outage for the last few weeks (this is not normal. We had servers with almost 4 years of uptime until a month ago). Some guy in the area cut a 20 kV line at 10:41 today, resulting in a 45 min. long power outage. Unfortunately our UPS did not last that long, resulting in 15 min. downtime for our services. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Expected power outage at dotsrc.org
Wednesday August 26th 2009
Thursday August 27th from 13.00 to 19.30 CEST: We expect to be offline at least one hour during several maintenances of the power distribution of the building we are hosted in.
Problems solved
Tuesday July 28th 2009
We had some routing issues as a result of the power cut yesterday which have now been resolved and everything should run as before.

The power outage is according to information from the power supplier the result of a high voltage fault which resulted in a chain of 8 separate cable faults in the area.

Power problems of this magnitude are very uncommon in the area. One of our servers reached an uptime of 1409 days.
Power outage at dotsrc.org
Tuesday July 28th 2009
Starting yesterday at around 20:30 CET we had a power outage at campus which involved a rather hefty power surge. This resulted in all our machines were rebooted. We're almost back in the air again now. It seems like we didn't loose any hardware which we consider rather lucky considering the event. We'll keep you posted as we get the rest of our services running.
News Server IP address change
Monday June 22nd 2009
Within the next few days we are going to change the IP address of our news server. We have already moved the backend parts of the news server setup to a new IP range, and we will now continue with the frontend part.

In general users shouldn't be affected by this change, but if you have been using our news service for a very long time, there is a chance that you news client might be configured to use "sunsite.dk" instead of "news.dotsrc.org" (or "news.sunsite.dk") as NNTP-server.

So if you experience any problems - AFTER THE CHANGE - please make sure that your client is configured to use "news.dotsrc.org" as NNTP-server.
Hardware upgrade for mirrors.dotsrc.org
Thursday March 26th 2009
Mirrors.dotsrc.org has been down for maintenance today between 23:50 and 24:00. Thanks to DKUUG we have been able to upgrade the mirror server from 2 GiB RAM to 32 GiB RAM
New IP address for mirrors.dotsrc.org
Monday August 11th 2008
We have migrated our mirror service (http://mirrors.dotsrc.org / ftp://mirrors.dotsrc.org) to a new, faster and more spacious server. Thus the IP address of the service has changed to If you have ACLs in place you should update them to reflect this IP change.

In the not so distant future we will add more mirrors since we now have more space on the server. We will post news about this here.
Server running again
Monday June 9th 2008
Thanks to Epoka and the nice people at KOM CWS our old E3500 is now running again.

Epoka was very kind to lend us a new power supply, so we could get the almost 10 years old E3500 running again.

We'll reenable mailrouting in a few hours - but expect more before all queued mails has been delivered.

All other services should be restored at this time.

Power supply failure
Friday June 6th 2008
The power supply in one of our servers failed in the early hours of Thursday. A new power supply is on its way and we expect the server to be running early next week.

The affected services are:
  • Mailing lists
  • CVS
  • Project web pages and project FTP
System work next weekend
Monday November 5th 2007
Because of an overhaul of large parts of our systems some outages is expected at random points in time (sorry, can't be more specific about this).

On the good side of things - after the weekend we should end up with some nicer systems :)
Server running again
Monday November 5th 2007
The server crash from this weekend has now been fixed and we're running again. The problem was a full file system.
Server crash
Saturday November 3rd 2007
One of our servers have crashed. This means that the following services are currently unavailable: project mailinglists, project websites and project cvs.

We are working on fixing this issue as soon as possible but unfortunately it will probably take a couple of days.

We are very sorry about this downtime and want you to know that we are doing everything in our power to improve on the situation. Next weekend we have planned a migration to some new servers which should improve both availability and performance.
Server Recovered
Saturday September 15th 2007
Finally we got the last bits restored from tape.

All services are online again, but in case of problems please report to staff@dotsrc.org, then we will fix them asap.

Also please check your CVS repositories, the lastest commits before the crash might not have made it to our backup. You will have to recommit.

The same goes for mail, any mail that hasn't come through yet, needs to be resent.

Again, we are terribly sorry about this mess. During the last ~10 years of SunSITE.dk/dotsrc.org this is by far the worst breakdown. The restore took way longer than expected, unfortunately we can't really do otherwise with our current hardware. (Hint: a couple of new servers would be much appreciated - mail to staff@dotsrc.org if you got a spare server)

A great thank you goes to the great people at KOM CWS for their massive help with the restore.

Server Recovery Progressing
Thursday September 13th 2007
The recovery of the crashed server is now nicely on its way.

As a starter mail and mailinglists are now working again. We have quite a number of mails in the queue on our mailgateway which are now under delivery. Some mails have been temporarily rejected. These mails should start flowing in within the next day.

CVS and project web sites are also on their way. More info later.
Server Breakdown Update #3
Wednesday September 12th 2007
Unfortunately we've had a poweroutage which didn't affect our servers but it affected the backup systems which are in another building. This means that the data restore on the crashed disk array will be a bit more delayed.

We will post updates as we get more news about this.
Server Breakdown Update #2
Tuesday September 11th 2007
It is taking longer than expected to restore the data on the server. This is a combination of old hardware and a slow restore process.

Short story, no mail or cvs service today. We will keep you updated.
Server Breakdown Update
Monday September 10th 2007
Earlier today we managed (with help from KOM CWS) to get the failed server in a running state. Unfortunately one of the disk arrays had failed seriously, which means that data needs to be restored from backup. This will take some time, but with a bit of luck, we might be running again tomorrow (tuesday). Please check back here for updates.
Server breakdown
Saturday September 8th 2007
Unfortunately one of our servers broke down last night. This means that mail-services is currently unavailable. We are working on a solution but is seems that we won't get everything back to normal before monday.
Outages over the weekend
Thursday November 9th 2006
This weekend we'll be installing a few new servers (hooray), move some older server(s) around (uh, yay) and hopefully make our shiny Gbps uplink operational (doubleplusgood). That however means that we'll have to take some services offline for some time, and others might have unplanned outages. Please don't be mad at us -- we'll do our best, but some downtime is simply unavoidable.

And things will be of course much better after the upgrade ;)
New Usenet Post Filter
Monday August 21st 2006
Today a new usenet post filter has been enabled on our news server. The primary purpose of this filter is to clean out SPAM - which we do not tolerate. The filter is rather aggressive and will also reject eg. HTML postings - so make sure your news reader is configured to post plain text articles. If you by any chance find that a legitimate, correctly formatted (See RFC 1036) message from you gets rejected, please let us know.
Update: Due to a misconfiguration, the first messages posted after the implementation were lost. The configuration has now been corrected, and all affected users have been notified.
Maintenance during the weekend
Friday February 10th 2006
We are going to do some major maintenance on our services this weekend. Some services might therefore be unavalable for a periode, but we will try to make the work as smooth as possible. Sorry for any inconveniences.
New usenet access policy now active
Saturday November 26th 2005
As we announced earlier, our access policy to the usenet server would be changed on October 15th, 2005. Unfortunately there were some unexpected difficulties in implementing this policy in practice.

The problems have now been solved, and as of tonight the new policy is active. In short this means that users connecting from a non-danish IP will only be able to access Open Source related groups and Danish news groups.
Usenet access change underway
Saturday October 1st 2005
Starting October 15th, 2005 the number of usenet groups will be reduced in order to make the main focus of the usenet service consistent with dotsrc.org's remaining policy and focus.

In short, this means that non-danish users can only access Open Source related news groups, as well as danish news groups.

Read our new access policy, our list of news group hierarchies we provide and our policy and rules page.
Newsserver Maintenance
Saturday May 28th 2005
The newsserver will be down for maintenance sunday may 29th. The service window is 1600-2200 CEST, but the actual downtime is expected to be 2 hours at max.
IRC back in business
Sunday May 22nd 2005
The IRC server stopped responding Thursday. Unfortunately, the server could not come up on its own and we were unable to handle the problem at the time. The service has since been restored and is now running properly. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the problems.
Having troubles with IRC?
Sunday March 27th 2005
On March 4th we stopped accepting clients on the old IRC server on sunsite.dk. We can see that some clients still try to connect to the old server instead of the new one at irc.dotsrc.org. So please, use the new server which is accessible from Danish addresses and from the networks at the dormitories at Aalborg University.
Services up again
Friday March 18th 2005
The servers were shutdown tonight due to over heating of the server room. All services are fully operational and up-to-date again. We're still working on tracing down the exact reasons for why the mirror server refused to come up again after the outage, so there might be another reboot needed in the near future. This time we're better prepared though, so that should only result in a few minutes of downtime.

Sorry for the problems.
Update from LinuxForum
Thursday March 3rd 2005
We're just bringing you a small update from LinuxForum. Yesterday we stood by the HP stand all day, being very business like. The guy from HP was great fun, so was the magician HP had hired. We talked to a lot of potential sponsors, most seems to be interested, but we'll see when we follow up. We did however get a new server from the danish GratisDNS.dk, a free dns service.

Just for the fun of it, we went to see John "Maddog" Hall. Michael shot this picture of Søren and Simon.
News server upgraded
Sunday August 22nd 2004
The news server will be updated next Saturday (2004-08-28) and thus a few hours of service downtime is to be expected.

Update: 2004-08-28
The news server was successfully upgraded and the news service was back online from around 1430, local time.
Screenshots displaying configuration for USENET
Thursday May 6th 2004
We have added a new page with screenshots of news reader configuration examples.

See screenshots.
Aalborg University donated USENET server
Monday April 26th 2004
Aalborg University has donated a new dedicated USENET news server to SunSITE.dk. The server will be put in production on May 2nd 2004.