Hard disk failure resulted downtime

After a hard disk failure on one of our virtualization servers, the following services have been down since 2021-05-02 10:20:07:

  • Website
  • Tor relay
  • LineageOS build server
  • OpenStreetMap tile server

As a temporary measure the website has been moved to Gitlab pages until the issues have been resolved.

Statistics for Web Traffic

WIP statistics for HTTP and HTTPS requests

Since September we have been working on collecting usage statistics for our HTTP and HTTPS mirror traffic. This will give insight into which folders and files are accessed often.

We currently collect the following values from each request:

  • Path relative to mirrors.dotsrc.org
  • Downloaded size

It is implemented with the following nginx log pattern:

log_format logserver '$bytes_sent $uri';

More info can be found here.

Our Tor nodes no longer accepts exit traffic

Our ISP DeiC has decided to ban hosting of Tor exit nodes directly on the Danish national research and education network.

All hope is not lost - we’re still working with DeiC to find a solution.

In the meanwhile, please consider running a Tor node yourself (exit if you can, non-exit otherwise). Check out the Tor Relay Guide to get started.


Upcoming Maintenance window

We will be updating our servers

We’ll be starting at 2020-10-30T14:15+02:00 (ISO8601), and we expect it to last 20 minutes for each server.

If you want to get an email from us before the next scheduled maintenance, please let us know.

EDIT: We didn’t manage to update today due to non-technical issues. We will reschedule and hopefully get it done within a month.

The New Website is Live

If You See This on dotsrc.org

We finally migrated away from the old unmaintained PHP CMS. As you can see in the footer, we are now using Hugo to generate static pages. What is New for Visitors? RSS Thanks to Hugo and our theme, you can now get news via RSS. The icon in the footer links to the feed! Theme We are trying keep the spirit of the old site intact, but it seems none of us are super interested in frontend development. [Read More]

Maintenance window for mirrors.dotsrc.org

We are seeing so much traffic that it is necessary to upgrade the hardware hosting mirrors.dotsrc.org. We'll be starting at 2020-02-18T08:00+01:00 (ISO8601), and we expect it to last up to three hours. To convert that to your local time run: date -d 2020-02-18T08:00+01:00 If you want to get an email from us before the next scheduled maintenance, please let us know. Update: Upgrade went well. [Read More]

rsync over TLS

mirrors.dotsrc.org now support rsync over TLS.

This is how you use it:
wget https://download.samba.org/pub/rsync/openssl-rsync

chmod +x openssl-rsync
rsync --rsh=./openssl-rsync rsync://mirrors.dotsrc.org

IPv4 problems

All dotsrc services were unavailable on IPv4 from around 2019-02-12 12:30 CET to around 16:00 CET. IPv6 traffic was unaffected.

The outage was caused by BGP hijacking of announced from an Iranian ISP.