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A list of people who previously have been part of the dotsrc.org staff group is honored on a separate page.

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Dotsrc.org is managed by a group a volunteers, called the staff group.

The staff group can be reached at staff@dotsrc.org and will try to answer any questions you might have about dotsrc.org and its services.

We are volunteers and not paid, thus support is done in our spare time, so extensive service and support might not be available at all times. Our FAQ might answer your questions.

Staff Photo

Anders Trier Olesen (ato)

mirror, tor, openstreetmap, network

Staff Photo

Lars Hausmann (LCH, Dr_Jazz)


Staff Photo

Claus Alb√łge (ClausA, tractrix)


Staff Photo

Per Mejdal Rasmussen (PMR / Cablecat)


Staff Photo

Sonny Larsen (STL)

IRC, Usenet