Dotsrc.org is currently carrying a large number of mirrors. All mirrors are accessible via http and ftp, and rsync is also offered for a selection.

Please see the mirror pages for information on how to access and request new mirrors.


In collaboration with Aalborg University dotsrc.org provides free access to a large number of non-binary newsgroups.

You are required to sign-up to access the news server.


We provide one of the two IRCNet servers in Denmark. The service is only available for users in Denmark (*.dk).

Read more about our IRC service


Formerly known as SunSITE.dk, we are an Open Source hosting service, providing mirrors of popular Open Source software, having a public news server and an IRC-server. For more details on the services we provide see the boxes on the right.

dotsrc.org is run by a group of committed volunteers known as the staff group, who can help you out by answering questions you have about our services. Read more about dotsrc.org.


Maintenance window for mirrors.dotsrc.org
Sunday February 16th 2020
We are seeing so much traffic that it is necessary to upgrade the hardware hosting mirrors.dotsrc.org.

We'll be starting at 2020-02-18T08:00+01:00 (ISO8601), and we expect it to last up to three hours.

To convert that to your local time run: date -d 2020-02-18T08:00+01:00

If you want to get an email from us before the next scheduled maintenance, please let us know.

Update: Upgrade went well. The server hosting mirrors.dotsrc.org now has 768Gb RAM instead of 96Gb. All this additional RAM will be used as ZFS ARC cache.
rsync over TLS
Tuesday January 21st 2020
mirrors.dotsrc.org now support rsync over TLS.

This is how you use it:
wget https://download.samba.org/pub/rsync/openssl-rsync

chmod +x openssl-rsync
rsync --rsh=./openssl-rsync rsync://mirrors.dotsrc.org
IPv4 problems
Tuesday February 12th 2019
All dotsrc services were unavailable on IPv4 from around 2019-02-12 12:30 CET to around 16:00 CET. IPv6 traffic was unaffected.

The outage was caused by BGP hijacking of announced from an Iranian ISP.

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