(formerly is a not-for-profit organization providing a variety of services to the open source community. The primary services offered by us are the mirroring of popular open source software, irc and usenet access. is a completely non-commercial project, powered by sponsored hardware, and driven by a group of volunteers.

We can be contacted via mail to (usually the preferred way) and via IRCNet, channel #dotsrc.

Our main sponsors are:

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Tor exits online!

Dotsrc is now hosting Tor exit nodes!

Thanks to DeiC for being LIR and upstream, and to Henrik Kramselund for letting us use some of his IPv4 addresses.

More information about the relays can be found here.


Dotsrc is looking for IPv4 address space

Dotsrc have been running fast Tor relay nodes for the last couple of years. Last year we began testing if we could operate Exit nodes as well, and did so for about two months. The vast majority of exit traffic is of course benign, but there’s also some malicious traffic which our ISP wasn’t too happy about. Since then we have had quite a few meetings and long email threads looking into possible solutions. [Read More]
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dotsrc have successfully moved to the new location should be back up and running

We have successfully moved to new location and should be up and running. Please write us on if you do not think this is the case and we will take a look :) Note that one of our virtualization servers still is down at the time of writing, see this post. Thanks to Aalborg University for supplying us with one more server, assistance, and still accomodating us. Below are some pictures of the move, we will spare you the details. [Read More]

dotsrc are moving to a new location

The time has come for dotsrc to move our servers from our current server room at Aalborg University to a new one. The old locations had been decommissioned and were no longer maintained. Without adequate cooling, the servers have begun to behave rather strangely. Thus the relocation has been expedited.

We hope that all services are up and running again during Thursday afternoon.

Hardware failure on

ETA: Fixed is unavailable, starting at aprox 2021-06-01T11:30+02:00. One of our HP D2600 disk enclosures had crashed, which took down the entire ZFS pool again.

Update 2021-06-03: Fixed by moving to a new location, see newer posts.

Hardware failure on

ETA: fixed was unavailable for about 2 hours, starting at 2021-05-30T19:51+02:00 until it became available again at 2021-05-30T21:56+02:00. One of our HP D2600 disk enclosures had crashed, which took down the entire ZFS pool. Update T20:45+02:00: We’ll have a man on-site T20:45+02:00. If we’re lucky should be back online shortly thereafter. If the disk enclosure is completely dead, ETA is unknown. Update T22:20+02:00: Thomas was able to fix the problem! We’re back online! [Read More]

Hard disk failure resulted downtime

After a hard disk failure on one of our virtualization servers, the following services have been down since 2021-05-02 10:20:07:

  • Website
  • Tor relay
  • LineageOS build server
  • OpenStreetMap tile server

As a temporary measure the website has been moved to Gitlab pages until the issues have been resolved.

Statistics for Web Traffic

WIP statistics for HTTP and HTTPS requests

Since September we have been working on collecting usage statistics for our HTTP and HTTPS mirror traffic. This will give insight into which folders and files are accessed often.

We currently collect the following values from each request:

  • Path relative to
  • Downloaded size

It is implemented with the following nginx log pattern:

log_format logserver '$bytes_sent $uri';

More info can be found here.

Our Tor nodes no longer accepts exit traffic

Our ISP DeiC has decided to ban hosting of Tor exit nodes directly on the Danish national research and education network.

All hope is not lost - we’re still working with DeiC to find a solution.

In the meanwhile, please consider running a Tor node yourself (exit if you can, non-exit otherwise). Check out the Tor Relay Guide to get started.