Dotsrc.org is currently carrying a large number of mirrors. All mirrors are accessible via http and ftp, and rsync is also offered for a selection.

Please see the mirror pages for information on how to access and request new mirrors.


In collaboration with Aalborg University dotsrc.org provides free access to a large number of non-binary newsgroups.

You are required to sign-up to access the news server.


We provide one of the two IRCNet servers in Denmark. The service is only available for users in Denmark (*.dk).

Read more about our IRC service


Formerly known as SunSITE.dk, we are an Open Source hosting service, providing mirrors of popular Open Source software, having a public news server and an IRC-server. For more details on the services we provide see the boxes on the right.

dotsrc.org is run by a group of committed volunteers known as the staff group, who can help you out by answering questions you have about our services. Read more about dotsrc.org.


mirror.dotsrc.org temporary offline
Saturday August 6th 2016
Due to a hardware failure mirror.dotsrc.org is currently offline. We are using this down time to upgrade to more stable hardware, and mirror.dotsrc.org should be online again Monday 8. Aug.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Improving IT Infrastructure
Tuesday September 8th 2015
We want to announce that dotsrc is still alive and active, despite instability on our services the last couple of weeks.

The last couple of years, the number of volunteers, and the level of commitment has been decreasing, but now, new blood has arrived and we are currently undergoing a major reformation of our IT infrastructure. Several old servers has been taken out of service, and new servers has taken their place.

In the following weeks, we will continue our work to update the last old services, and to incorporate them in the new infrastructure.
The website will be revamped to reflect, and inform about, these changes.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this process may cause our users, but we guarantee that dotsrc is building towards a brighter future.
The dotsrc.org team
Online again
Monday April 28th 2014
Due to a damaged fibre between dotsrc and the DeIC POP about 100m away all our services, except our IRC-server which is hosted elsewhere, was unfortunately offline from 2014-04-26T19:52 until today at 15:56. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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