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In collaboration with Aalborg University dotsrc.org provides free access to a large number of non-binary newsgroups.

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We provide one of the two IRCNet servers in Denmark. The service is only available for users in Denmark (*.dk).

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Formerly known as SunSITE.dk, we are an Open Source hosting service, providing mirrors of popular Open Source software, having a public news server and an IRC-server. For more details on the services we provide see the boxes on the right.

dotsrc.org is run by a group of committed volunteers known as the staff group, who can help you out by answering questions you have about our services. Read more about dotsrc.org.


Wednesday July 19th 2017
The dotsrc servers are now backed by a 10Gbit Internet connection, and on top of this, the mirror server (mirrors.dotsrc.org) has been upgraded to a vastly better server, equipped with a 10Gbit network card.

This big upgrade would not have been possible without our sponsors. Big thanks to:
DKUUG - for a big cash sponsorship.
DeIC - 10Gbit Internet connection.
Aalborg University - Sponsored their old Google Search Appliance server, along with two Cisco 3750X switches + 10Gbit modules.
Cisco - Sponsored two IP Services licenses for our 3750X switches, allowing us to peer with DeIC using BGP.
FOSDEM - Sponsored two HP 10GbE dual port network cards.
Two new services and new mirrors
Monday September 12th 2016
We now run a tile caching server for OpenStreetMap and are a part of their tile CDN. We are the primary server for tiles served to clients connecting from Denmark, so if OpenStreetMap feels 'snappier' (at least in Denmark) it is thanks to us.

We also set up a tor middle relay. This is a non-exit relay, so it only receives encrypted traffic and passes it along to another relay. Some stats are available here.

On our mirror server, we added a few new mirrors, including:
Linux Mint (and Packages)
BlackArch Linux
Fedora (and Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux)
Lineage OS
Kali Linux (and Packages)
Call for hardware sponsorship
Monday September 5th 2016
During the recent hardware upgrade, we used all our 4TB drives, so we call for sponsors of additional hard drives in order to keep running our services as optimally as possible. Specifically we need SATA 3.5" hard drives 4TB (or more) and preferably designed for 24/7 usage (e.g. the Western Digital SE/RE/Gold 4TB drive). Sponsoring either as funding or as hardware will of course add you to our list of proud sponsors. Contact staff@dotsrc.org.

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Our main sponsors are:

Aalborg University Forskningsnettet DKUUG
Cabo Communications
Xena - online accounting

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